Saturday, October 31, 2009

Emmett'sTrick or Treating Experience

We got such a kick out of Emmett tonight while we walked the neighborhood, that I thought I'd share. In the creation phase, he got a little tired of the Elmo outfit he fell in love with and selected for himself. He said it was 'scratchy' and 'I not wear it!' Thankfully, there were a few furry suit-free days, and when he saw his big brother and sister getting decked out he was ready to try it again. He was full of excitement when we started and was running with Clara to each door and letting the "Trick or Treat!" greeting ring out clearly. Before too long, we heard him add something. At first I thought he said, 'Me, too!' Listening more carefully as he spoke to the next friendly neighbor, I realized he was actually asking for, "Two!" So we had a suppressed chuckle over that, and then realized he was consistent about his... request and so we had a little chat about how he should just smile and say, "Thank you!" but shouldn't ask for two. His response was, "OK, need three!"

Thankfully he's cute enough to get away with greediness until we can get the message across :).

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