Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy New Year

The first post in a brand new year.  I saw in the month of November that blogging for me can be a catalyst for lifestyle changes.  If I'm going to write in a public forum about goals, I hold myself more accountable and seem to accomplish more.  (The influence you have, dear reader!)

Which phenomenon may come in handy as I write after having done some introspection about the last year(s), and what worked well, and what needs to be stripped out to free me up for more of the good stuff.  Isn't it interesting the power a blank slate can give for refreshing intentions and bringing action into line with those?  I'm really not one for resolutions.  But I love a fresh start and the feeling of a new beginning.  So much so that I am working on cultivating that feeling with each new day.  Wisdom dictates that really each new breath is that, when you are truly in the moment.  I am not sure why this takes effort to be aware of for me, and yet it does.

At any rate, I'm happy for January, happy for 2012, and uppermost in my mind now is being more present as mom, wife and homemaker, daughter, sister, friend.  I am setting the intention to consistently find the joy that exists in homely tasks, to consistently find the happy comfort that exists in routine.  Perhaps the goal is to be consistent on a basic level in many areas, and learn to enjoy it. Tantamount to that will be continuing to explore creative expression in henna and my business, which is the yin to that yang.  The craving for variety and spontaneity must be met, and my pitifully weak consistent routine muscle must be built up.

This is my intention for the year:  live in the moment, become consistent in routine and enjoy it, be creative...  and at all times send love out and let it in.

Happy new year to you!  And may your (and my) intentions for this year of life be.

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