Friday, April 20, 2012

Willy Wonka Jr

My thirteen year old son has been staying after school for months now, joining the cast and crew of his middle school musical, Willy Wonka Jr. in their rehearsals.  He will play Grandpa Joe, who accompanies Charlie through his adventures, and has had to memorize a lot of lines and song lyrics.  I have heard him singing around the house, and have seen a few practice snippets, and I cannot wait to attend opening night!  We would love for you to come and support him and see this delightful musical.  It runs from April 26 through the 28th, and plays at 7pm (with a matinee on Saturday) at Robbinsdale Middle School.

I am so proud of Deven, and all our talented and smart kids.  What a joy it is to see your child work hard to  develop his or her talents and watch them grow!  I'm very blessed :)

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