Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chillin' Out

Jack Frost has arrived to find our family firmly ensconced in our schooltime schedule. Nat's work demands are 'reasonable' at the moment, so he is able to be involved in dropping and/or fetching the kids at their various endeavors. That is a good thing, since my clone just doesn't show up when called upon. Once the four travelers have gone for the day, Emmett and I have calm before the after school storm. Of course, Mr. Emmett isn't a big fan of calm so considers it his duty to disturb that in such an inventive and effective manner, you would not believe he didn't have chums helping in the effort. Many, older, stronger and more diabolical chums.

His thing right now is throwing. Everything. Heaviness is just a bonus. Since I am the object of his affection (and often the only other human present), I also make a handy target. Have you heard that fact that babies zero in on the face when their vision is still forming? How they can recognize their mama even before they can see very well because they possess an instinct that measures distance between facial features? Apparently that facial fascination stays with a baby into toddlerhood. And Emmett has a rocket arm and surprising accuracy. I'm lucky my nose is not broken and I have not suffered a concussion (yet). Calm can be painful.

The after school storm consists of All District Band practice, jujitsu workouts, dance practice for both girls, Girl Scouts meetings, chess club meetings, and starting next week I jump into the mix helping out at school once and twice a week. Am I missing something? I'm sure I'm missing something. Or no, that's just my recurring nightmare talking. Dinnertimes are a fun hodgepodge of times and places, and I won't even get into the effects of finickiness. Actually, I will. Last night, Miss Finicky (that would be Clara) had actual tears because I insisted she eat the bread with the hot dog--in an effort to buy a little more time before the ''I'm hungry" cry went up after dinner. I thought this was kid food, folks?! I hadn't even forced her to eat the disgusting chili and cheese with it, and she was only required to have one teensy spoon of the corn, red bean, artichoke salad on the side. Oh the injustice! and oh the drama it inspires!

It was yesterday that Jack Frost paid us a visit. Today a steady and gentle rain is falling, and the skies are a dismal gray. Clara was not amused, she really does not enjoy clouds or the potential for storms of any kind. We talk about the earth and how it really needs a drink, and it helps some. But she is still not amused. I, myself, am not particularly jolly of a rainy day like today. But since I'm a few years more than six, I've developed strategies. Like long and hot baths and good books, steaming hot pots of chicken soup and fresh warm bread to accompany them, and getting lost in a project of some kind. Here's hoping Emmett allows me to employ at least one of those strategies, and if it's the soup, that Miss Finicky finds nothing objectionable after today's storm.

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