Thursday, October 2, 2008

Don't be fooled!

looking sweet

He looks so sweet, doesn't he? Just a little angel, yes? If you came to that conclusion I would understand. But if you were his mommy, nursing a cold and with your energy at very low ebb, this beautiful little angel might just cause your sanity to slip yet another notch or two.

Today he swiped all the papers and pens and notes and calendar items off the desk not once, but 3 times. I think I may need to abandon dignity and get a portable commode to bring around wherever Emmett may be when nature calls, because while I was in the bathroom (a really brave or idiotic move on my part) he found the only cupboard we didn't recently put baby stoppers on (the lazy susan one because how would that work?), grabbed the nearly full drum of Quaker oats, brought it into the living room and sprinkled it over the carpet as thoroughlyas one might if trying to meticulously rid the home of fleas. When I finally got a little energy and decided to tackle the messes and restore some order, I dragged the garbage can over to the earthquake epicenter and went to get the vaccum. In those 30 seconds my sweet little dearie decided his next task was to turn the garbage can upside down and scatter it's contents. Those would include the fruit extrusion and rinds from the fresh juice smoothie my sweet hubby made me to help me get some good vitamins this morning, along with the coffee grounds and a whole assortment of other goodies.

As I type this account, he is one by one dropping the potatoes out of the bag and on to the kitchen floor with a delightful thud, roll, roll; thud roll roll. Is it any wonder my cold is hanging on? Calgon, take me away!

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Diane said...

Oh boy. Poor girl. I'm sorry you're ill. We had a lazy susan too, and I ended up taking anything important out of it and filling it with plastic containers which I was then picking up for two years when the boys would drag them out. But here's one for you. I had just had Aaron (my second son) and was not sleeping as neither one of them would sleep at the same time. I didn't sleep for years after I had Aaron. So Isaac is 2 years old, he somehow gets into the bathroom cupboard (he pulled his little plastic stool that he used to wash his hands over and climbed on that to climb on top of the bathroom counter to get into the bathroom cupboard, pulled out the Vaseline and the baby powder, and had a party all his own, Vaseline everywhere, mixed with baby powder. Try getting THAT up, eh? I stood there and cried, with him looking at me with those big blue eyes, a baby on my hip and one on the floor absolutely covered like a snow angel in a greased pig race. Hope you feel better soon!