Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Diaper Developments and Cabin Fever

I am pleased to report that Emmett has outgrown the self de-nappying phase. Attempting to potty train with him cured him of that pretty quickly. We bought him a brightly colored, brand new froggy training potty, and every time we asked him to sit on it he cried. Big, fat tears. Froggy is apparently scary! So in order to avoid being asked to use the frog, he no longer pulls his trousers and diaper off. Yay!

We're in the deep freeze in Minnesota these days, cabin fever is encroaching. Spring will be very sweet this year. Bittersweet too, since it will be the first Mother's Day without Mom. I can picture the flowers at the Minnesota arboretum, and how good it will be to see the colors, smell the fragrance and feel the sun and the warm breeze on my face. Click the photo below if you should want to invite cabin fever too by looking at photos I took last Mother's Day at the arboretum.

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Dad said...

Enjoyed your writing very much as always!!! Love,Dad