Friday, January 16, 2009

First post in the new year...

It doesn't matter that we are halfway through January, it still counts. Regular blogging seems to be yet another of those things that requires habitual behavior, or the D word (discipline). Those patterns somehow are elusive to me. But I really love to write, and it's cool when that writing spurs comment or thought in friends and family.

So here goes. This morning's topic is (as it quite often is) the baby. We refer to him as 'the baby' more often than by his given name, Emmett. In fact, he refers to himself as, 'Beebee'.

has developed a little habit lately that causes a flurry of activity in everyone nearby. I'm sure he must feel powerful as his actions cause people to stop whatever they were about, and react immediately. He has even been known to laugh at us while he goes about his task. There is definitely an impish aspect to his actions, and it appears he plots to strike at the most opportune moment.

What does BeeBee do? He removes his pants and his diaper at every possible juncture. With contents, without contents... Resolve upholstery cleaner and I have become well acquainted. At first he waited until he was alone so he could get completely unfettered before discovery took place. Now he boldly begins the process in the middle of a crowded room. Grandpa used to delight in having Emmett in his shopping cart as he made his way around the store, but the last time I suggested he do that Grandpa declined the opportunity. He was worried Emmett might start getting nekked in the middle of Target!

You may think Emmett is giving us clear signals that he is ready to potty train, and I agree. I started the process this week. To say BeeBee is resistant to the idea is putting it mildly. He cooperates fairly well when it is time to run to the potty, celebrates with me when we do a check and find him dry, clearly already has the skill of pulling his pants up and down... He just has no intention of giving up his new found ability. He can make us all scramble just by getting that determined look and touching his waist band. And really, who would readily give up that kind of power?

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Shallowsister said...

Hi! I enjoyed reading the last several months worth of posts. Nice to "catch up".