Friday, September 19, 2008

Ahh, Friday

That day when once the morning rush is over, and it's just you and the baby boy in the bathtub (you can imagine where I sit as I type ;), you can happily anticipate a little slower pace for the next couple days. Nat makes a big ceremony on Friday night of turning off his alarm, announcing it's deactivation with great delight. I'm sure now that she has a 6:45 wake up time, Elli will be feeling the same way of a Friday night.

I am still looking at the blank canvas of the day and imagining different effects without a sense of commitment. Perhaps I'd better go get the second cup of coffee and just get moving in one of the directions I'm contemplating. Walk to the park? Shop for dinner and some extras for that care package I've been meaning to get out? Clean Clara's room? Nah! Go downstairs to the craft room and lay a few greeting cards by? Maybe what I'll do is this (and I'm sure you are waiting on bated breath to know): walk to the shopping center and come home and do some crafting. Ah, there's the plan, even without the aid of caffeine to clear the fog.

Speaking of crafting, here's the latest card (glue not yet dry) I made. Nothing particularly special, just a way to keep a visual record of things that go out the door. This one's a thank you to a wonderful co-worker of Nat's who met Elli recently at a get-together and was inspired enough by Elli's love of reading and writing that she went out and bought Elli some books. Thanks, Sharon!

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