Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Starting fresh

One of the best feelings in life isn't it? A blank page, a new leaf, a fresh start. I've got that feeling right now for a variety of reasons.

My older three children have just begun a new school year, leaving me at home during the school day alone with a toddler boy and time to spend on things I love to do. Like writing, taking photographs, going on long walks in the cool autumn air, cleaning toilets, doing laundry, washing dishes... Wait, I was writing of the enjoyable things, wasnt I?

Blogging falls into that category for me, which is why I am starting back at it with this fresh new blog, Suburbian Snippets. I regularly blogged about daily life in my home for some time before my youngest child was born (evidence of that can be found here). I even kept up with it for a while after the little monster (I use the term in the most affectionate and loving of ways, of course) became a part of the fabric of our family. Then I discovered digital photography, and transferred passion for some time.

But I am ready to return afresh to my original love: writing with the added benefit that someone might actually read it, aka blogging. Disclaimer: I still love to play with my camera, so any readers will be subjected to my photographs frequently.

2 comments: said...

We Love both Your Writing and Your Pictures!!! We are excited about your new blog!!! Love, Dad and Mom

Diane Yoder said...

I am looking forward to fresh installments with photos!