Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our drama queen

My oldest child just started middle school. It has been quite traumatizing... for me! She was more than ready to dive into a new learning environment (where a special IBMYP curriculum is taught) with a completely new group of people, count-em, FIVE whole miles away from me. She switches classrooms between periods, has all the usual components like physical science, math and language arts, plus she gets to start Spanish and continue with band and choir. And one of her favorites is a brand new experience, Theatre Arts. The work they do in that class really brings out her dramatic side. I get to pick her up after school every day, and it's a real joy to hear about her experiences on our drive home (the photo I'm sharing is of her just arriving at the van after school has let out--I didn't quite catch her but somehow I like it:).

Last night I drove Ellibelle back to the school an hour after it let out, because she had an AUDITION! The middle school is putting on the play, My Teacher Is An Alien. I am feeling very proud of Elli for being bold and putting herself out there. Callbacks are announced tomorrow, cross your fingers!

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Lisa Faye said...

Ellibelle was on the callback list! She had her second reading this afternoon :). We'll see what happens next. You go, girl!