Friday, September 12, 2008

Starting to close a chapter...

Today I dismantled Emmett's crib. Because Nat and I have a family bed approach to the nursing months, he never really slept in it anyway, except for naps when he was much younger. I was unexpectedly nostalgic as I loosened screws and stacked parts. This crib became a part of our home in 1996 as we eagerly awaited Eliana's arrival. Since every one of the kids has used it, I've set it up and taken it down several times before. But this is the first time that I dismantle it with the full intention that it will not be used again. Always before I stored the baby supplies away again with the hope that one day I would once again have the privelege of participating in the miracle of life. Today I filled up a hefty bag of baby accoutrement that Emmett has now outgrown, put the low lying toddler bed in the cribs place (wondering how exactly I'm going to get him to start using it) and started my goodbye to the baby years.

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