Saturday, September 13, 2008

Best Wishes to Anne and Paul

We got home not too long ago from attending (and helping out in) the wedding of some church friends today. I am worn out! Why is it that I somehow always choose to wear brand new shoes to these events? Perhaps I love blisters, deep down.
The wedding was beautiful and everything came together very well, thanks to our little church family who pitches in and gets things done. It was my first time trying to be the "coordinator" type person, which really means doing things the bride would do if she could be everywhere at once. Thankfully, all the important stuff seemed to happen according to plan.
One day last week I finally got around to cleaning and organizing my craft/laundry room, a task that was long overdue. This morning before I dressed for the wedding I went downstairs to make the wedding congratulations card and the freshly organized area inspired me to create. This is the first card I've made in a while, amazing what a clear tabletop and knowing where the supplies are will do for creativity :).

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