Monday, September 22, 2008

A teacher among us...

Today's snippet is merely an announcement from a proud mama:

Ellibelle was cast in the play! Yay, Elli! Yay, Elli! She will play (drumroll, please....) A teacher. Rehearsals begin on Wednesday, and the performances will be in the third week of November. Needless to write, we are somewhat excited here today :)!

Maybe in the photograph below (taken at rehearsals for her spring dance recital) she was already preparing for her role :).

spectacle face

2 comments: said...

Ofcourse!! She's been giving grandpa art lessons forever, and just a very well put together young lady! Congratulations Elli!!! It goes without saying we love you very much! (as well as everyone!) xo mom

Sarah said...

Umm.. keep us posted on the exact date in November - will be there if I can!! hope you video it!