Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Of Pumpkins and Excercise

Clara and Elli carved the two on the right, and Emmett commissioned the one on the left.  I had a few choice words to say about his selection an hour or more in to the project, when yet another web "thread" separated itself from its intended location.  And this was one of the "easy" freebie designs I found on the web!  Those of you who do the elaborate, multi-layered jack-o-lanterns have my awe and respect.  Then again, maybe if I bought a set of special pumpkin carving tools, I might have an easier time keeping it PG at the dining room table in the hours before Trick or Treating.

Our kids are getting older...  Deven had to hurriedly carve his pumpkin when he got home from play practice, which is in it's longer stages since performance is just a little over a week away (!).  His creation wasn't ready yet when I took the shot.  He came out with us for the first house, then had a change of heart and went back home to do homework instead.  And Elli opted to stay home and hand out candy from the beginning.   There was a day when neither of them would dream of missing the opportunity to get even one piece of candy.  Of course they were a lot shorter then.  Time does march on!  Now my two older babies have both passed me up in height and shoe size.  I've got them on girth though!  I'll always have the girth card, nanananabooboo.

Unless, of course, I add fitness as a lifestyle goal with any regularity.  I mean, the kind of goal a person ACTS on.  EVERY day.  Elements of routine requiring discipline are not typically my strong suit.  I like to flit from thing to thing, propelled by creative energy.  So my thought is, since I have committed to blogging every day this month, I can let exercise tag along with the happy writing activity.  Either I write, then exercise, or maybe better, don't get to write until I have exercised.  Anyway, dear avid reader, I will report on how this approach is working for me--stay tuned!

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