Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Remembering Thanksgivings Past...

This afternoon after we visited a local mansion given to the city of Tyler, part of the family spends time at home while the other part practices Tae Kwon Do at the University.  The home contingent is spread out, writing, crafting, reading, eating, performing maintenance outside, and writing.

I am thinking of loved ones who cannot be with us, and of Thanksgivings past.

I remember some elderly friends my parents invited to share the table with us over the years, among them jolly Mrs. Hedin and Wally, the retired railroad engineer, and Mrs. Cavanaugh who introduced me to strawberry rhubarb pie.  I remember the green lace tablecloth that decorated the table every Thanksgiving, and which I have with me this year to put on Sarah and Amentahru's brand new dining room table.  I remember well the lengths Mom went to fill our table with yummy bounty.  I remember her home made wheat rolls and pies.  Sometimes I got to whip the cream with the old-fashioned rotary beater, and I enjoyed watching the volume grow, though it was sometimes hard to wait for it to happen.

We would give thanks, and have share happy conversation while we ate.  Always there was lots of laughter.  The game was always playing at various points during the day, and we often woke to the Macy's parade.

Some of the traditions continue, some are brand new, but I'm very glad for these memories.

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