Monday, November 28, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Has this ever happened to you?  When I am away from home for a period of time, I return with a fresh eye and fresh enthusiasm for projects and goals at home.  Maybe it's the fonder heart due to absence syndrome.  Whatever it is, I'm glad for it!  I've experienced this many times over the years.  It leads me to the conclusion that it is really good to leave home periodically.  I wonder how else this can be applied in life.  How else might it be a good idea to completely step away and focus elsewhere and come back fresh to the matter at hand?

This morning my handy dandy notebook is populated with ideas for home improvement.  I have errands to run at places like IKEA and Home Depot, and some measurements to take before I leave. 

I'm enjoying the fresh energy vacation gave me, and intend to use it along with inspiration from spending time in Sarah and Tahru's new home to freshen up our old one.  Now that I slept in quite luxuriously of course.  Emmett did too--he slept 3 - 4 extra hours this morning.  So now, well rested, off we go to make some simple, revitalizing changes!

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