Thursday, November 17, 2011

More Emmettisms

Emmettisms:  He had an upset tummy the past couple of days.  He says that after he eats, in a little while, his tummy gets mad.

Instead of "supposed" he says, "opposed (with a soft s)"  As in, I'm on the computer, checking Facebook or writing a blog entry and he asks for a drink of water, and I tell him, "OK honey, just one minute."  Then in five minutes he says, "Mommy, you're OPPOSED to get me my water!

Instead of "remember" he says, "you membered?!"  As in, Mommy, you were opposed to get me my water, you membered?!"

Instead of "maybe" he says, "naybe."  And naybe is the Weapon of Choice for pitching an idea.  "Naaaaybe we should go to Target and I can choose a toy."  Coupled with Weapon of Choice #2:  the adorable look.  He's well aware how cute he is and how to arrange the facial features in a manner that is very difficult to resist.

Instead of "accidentally" he says, "actually."   For instance:  While he's giggling because he called me Daddy instead of Mommy by accident, he'll exclaim that he... "actually called me Daddy!"   His laughter comes freely and often, and it is such a sweet part of my life.

He also says, "Mommy, guess what?!" about 200 times a day, and I love it because he's just so busy thinking.  His observations are keen and lately he's also launching into the world of make believe in a very entertaining fashion.

He's really good company, and I will have to have a firm strategy in place when he goes to kindergarten next year to help alleviate my loneliness.  Of course, he maintains that he will not EVER be going to school.  For months this has been his stance.  He says I will be his teacher and this will be his school.  I'm considering it, but I know he would thrive at school, meeting new people and exploring the world in different ways.  We'll see.

But I do treasure the time I have with him now, my final baby.

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