Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Funday

This was a fun Sunday.  Writing the daily blog has been the catalyst for several things.  It made me want to piggy back yoga on to this daily activity--if I'm growing the discipline bone, why not benefit two ways?  Which made me want to deep clean my carpet so that I felt like hanging out down there.  Which made me want to deep clean other areas in my bedroom.  Which made me want to move the computer area from my sitting room to the basement.  Which made me need to clean off two desks in use as shelves for a whole lot of stuff I hadn't bothered to go through in years for the computers to go on downstairs.  Which made me think about a few items of furniture I wanted to pick up to make more efficient use of this newly spruced up space we live in,  and control the clutter that can detract from it.

This morning, I talked the family into an IKEA outing.  We broke our fast there, spent more than an hour on the display floor, sitting on things, opening things, ruminating on shelving choices.  In Emmett's case, throwing stuffed animals and lodging them 8 feet up on wall mounted display items, trying to climb ladders with plexiglass safety shields, and having several near misses while darting through the crowd at high speeds.  Then another hour was spent on the warehouse floor, doubling back for missed items, deciding against some and switching to others.  Ultimately I was able to buy the furniture we chose from henna money, and that makes me a happy camper.

We moved on to the Mall of America, as we rarely spend time there and it was handy for a few purchases we needed to make.  Elli had a birthday gift to purchase and wanted a new belt, Deven needed a tie for Opening Night, and he no longer wishes to borrow Dad's, Clara found a cute winter hat, and Emmett found something he HAD to have in just about every store.  The gift shop where he found Thomas the Tank Engine paraphernalia brought on his hardest sell, and even some conniving tactics where he told Dad, 'Mom had said he could buy it', and so on.  He doesn't yet realize getting under-handed in his approach is a sure way to lose out.  We couldn't get him that item, but a little later on in the wanderings, we passed the Build-A-Bear store.  I realized Emmett would know nothing at all about this store, and had never seen the process, and would really love it because he's very in to his stuffed animals right now.  So we went in, and he selected his bear and named it (Fluffy Jack) and had it stuffed and was tickled pink.

To cap off the day we shared dinner near Southdale and went for a delightful walk at a park in Edina, where the lights reflected off the water and the kids found a meditation maze and we spent time in the porch swings, then came home to assemble our purchases, which went surprisingly well!

So dear reader, though I can only report doing yoga one day last week, it was one more session than I might have done otherwise, and a lot of other good stuff happened.  My mat is here beside my bed, and next week I'll improve the score.  Have a great week!

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