Sunday, November 27, 2011

Home again, home again, jiggety jog...

Glad to have made the 1000+ mile return trip again and to be safe and sound.  I'm happy to report there was no inclement weather and zero vomit on our return trip, and we made it in 90 minutes less than the GPS projected at the beginning of our venture, so therefore it was an ideal journey.

I write better in the familiar surroundings of home.  Sitting on the settee by the bay window, looking out at bare trees, brownish grass, and the milky grey lake today, I'm happy to have been in Texas and happy to be back again.

We made good time on our return trip, the kiddoes were able to sleep for most of it, watch a couple movies, eat and take a few stretch breaks and they were home.  Us drivers had a little more difficult time of it, but really, with cruise control, chewing gum, stiff coffee and the iPod going, taking four hour or a little more stints behind the wheel is manageable.  And very worth every minute of it.

Emmett was a little shy and out of sorts away from home at times.  He's very happy to be back in his home environment, he's bright eyed and bushy tailed, and was very compliant and happy on the trip home.

When you have been away for some time and you round the corner and see your home still standing, it is a feeling of relief.  When you enter and everything is as you left it, safe and sound, and the kitty greets you, purring, all is well.

Now time to prepare for the holidays, and the happy week when our gracious Thanksgiving hosts come to see us, and it's not too far off!

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