Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Meeting the NaBloPoMo challenge: A post a day in November

A friend of mine from college days who blogs here recently brought to my attention a blogging challenge for the month of November called, NaBloPoMo (check it out for yourself here).  Since my daughter is an aspiring author and is participating in the equivalent challenge for novel writers (NaNoWriMo), and intends to write 50000 words this month, I figure a blog a day is within my power to accomplish and a fun way to support her and resurrect something I've really enjoyed over the years.

I started this blog years ago, along with my Flickr photostream where I've posted family photos from seasons, events and phases dating back 10 years and more.  When my Mom died nearly three years ago, I realized I was primarily writing and sharing photos for her.  She was certainly my most devoted fan, and hits on both pages took a dramatic dip when she could no longer peruse them.  She is missed for this reason, and so many more that it is difficult to articulate.  Perhaps at some point within the month challenge I'll give that a try.

For now, in Mom's absence, I need to remind myself and state to the audience (whomever that may be) why I write (besides the joy of picking up the gauntlet of NaBloPoMo).  I love writing, putting words together and expressing thoughts, feelings and memories.  It pleases me to share life experience in blog form.  

Hopefully, you, the reader, might enjoy a post or two as well!

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AberrantCrochet said...

Awesome Lisa! What a beautiful story and start! Thanks for posting your link on my blog!