Thursday, November 10, 2011

Merry Maids and Young Thespians...

It was a fall cleaning kind of day today.  Emmett was an excellent helper!  For a good while he stayed engaged in the tasks, helping me scrub floors, clean windows, put away toys and various sundries, and the while I heard his happy chorus of, "Guess what, Mommy!!" and got precious glimpses into how his mind works.

We put his train table back to rights, got a snazzy track formation going and found lots of engines and cars, and he played there for at least an hour.  Things were flying and I'm sorry to report there were many grave accidents.

A productive day spent with my youngest son was followed by a very entertaining evening provided by my older son and his fellow cast and crew members, as they held opening night of "30 Reasons Not to Be in a Play".  Deven had three parts and he did very well.  All the students gave such excellent performances, it was hard at times to remember they were middle schoolers.  The crowd was LOLing, sincerely and a lot.  There were a few times Elli elbowed me to reign in my mirth.  Teenage girls are particularly well suited to remind one of proper etiquette.
Deven and cast, during the performance while Deven's role was passive.  We tried to get him during
his speaking parts but his motion was too dramatic to capture without flash photography.

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