Sunday, November 13, 2011

Winter is coming...

Today we worked outside, cleaning up leaves, sweeping out the porch and stowing outdoor furniture, mowing and mulching and wheeling refuse out in a barrow...  Winter was in the air ever so slightly.  Chilly enough outside for a heavy sweatshirt, but indoors the same gear makes you uncomfortably warm.  I made a chili and rice, and coming indoors to warmth and fragrant food was a homey comfort.

I love four distinct seasons, and welcome the arrival of snow.  I'll get sick of it before spring arrives, but I far prefer the beautiful white blanket to cover the earth than looking at dull brown everywhere.  Across from our home the lake will freeze, and we'll venture out several times to walk across the lake, pulling Emmett in the sled.  We'll go for winter walks, go sledding or tubing, perhaps skate or snowshoe or ski on occasion.  Shoveling, snowball fights and the making of snowmen and forts will figure in as well.  

It's the time of year when I start making soups again, and feel like baking things.  There have already been requests for a cake and cookies today alone.  Out on the porch where I was closing windows and sweeping, I found the stack of board games and got the urge to play one.  Perhaps tonight we'll play a card game or Cranium or Pictionary.  Engaging in these old-fashioned, homey activities is a pleasure.

I'm enjoying autumn, leaves, chill and all, and am glad winter is coming.

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