Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday, Henna Day!!

Today I got the chance to spend time in Rochester with a bunch of my favorite peeps--my lovely henna girlz!

We filled up a van this morning (many thanks to our fearless driver, Amy, and our priceless navigator, Beth!) and headed down the highway to Rochester where our hosts (many thanks to Jazibe and her sister!) had reserved a beautiful party room for henna playtime.  As we are wont to do, we shared a delicious and nutritious potluck grazing buffet which we visit freely in between doing henna designs.  Some of us brought our wee ones, and some of us brought our yarn (though the yarn didn't see a lot of action this afternoon methinks), and there were design books, henna cones, alcohol bottles, lemon sugar sprays, cotton pads, face paints, brushes, cameras, and above all, CHOCOLATE!  From Switzerland no less, mmmm.

During six hours together, we chatted about a wide variety of things, personal and general, and got to know one another better.  We created beautiful designs on each other, planned future dates and activities, made a mess and cleaned it up again.  It was good for the soul.  I love my henna dearies!  Maybe some time you will join the crew, eh dear reader?

Here are a few pictures from today's meetup:

My work on Amy, Have fun in Cancun!
Her daughter applying her first ever henna to our lovely hostess

My work on Jazibe, angle 1

My work on Jazibe, angle 2

Two of the adorable wee ones present, making their own fun

Victoria Welch's gorgeous design on me

My work on Tasia

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