Friday, November 25, 2011


I LOVE MASSAGE!!!  Amentahru's Mom is a massage therapist, and tonight she gave me a wonderful session, using me in order to demonstrate how to use elbows and the meat of the arm to get into the sore spots.    I've developed bad habits of holding my body while doing henna and sleeping that have given me very tight shoulders, and she showed how the neck and chest muscles and around the collarbone, under the scapula in back and all the way down to the elbow...  All these are factors in my achy shoulder.  Now that she is done working on me, I feel soooooo great!!  Many thanks and much love to Leela!

And dear reader, here's some advice she gave me.  Explore your own muscles and sore spots, and when you find one gently rub it out.  Don't be afraid to use deep pressure on your neck, it does a lot of work all day long and can really use the release.  Regular massage work can really make a difference.  I know I feel wonderful now, and I intend to get a massage more regularly in the future to help me keep my shoulder up to snuff.

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