Friday, November 4, 2011

Confessions of a low maintenance spendthrift...

I have a confession to make.  And this is specifically for Betty and Sheila, should they happen to glance this way.  I feel you should know, I TOOK IT ALL BACK!!

My good friend Sheila organized a fun and pampering ladies' night out, where three of us visited the good Dior makeup artist folks at the department store.  We listened to the presentation of a makeup artist while she applied the line to a beautiful model, ate the yummy food they set out for us and had professionals clean, prepare and apply makeup to our faces.  It was slightly like being a movie star, I've never had anyone else brush and blend my makeup, and it was super fun to hang out with da girlz.  Having someone else put mascara on you is a very strange sensation, by the way, I think I now understand why my young dancers and actors have not enjoyed it when I apply it to their lashes.  Copious tears and mascara are not a good combination either.  But I didn't cry for the very skilled gentleman who applied mine, not to worry!

I did give him quite a challenge though.  I'm a very low maintenance girl.  I don't have regular facials or sometimes even do more than wash my face with soap.  I thought I was really becoming advanced when I bought a cleanser/toner/moisturizer trio a year or so ago, and do that occasionally.  The makeup system we learned about blows that right out of the water! You cleanse, then detoxify, then plump, then do something special for the eyes, then you prime the face for makeup, then you put makeup on, then you add concealer, bronzer, some kind of highlighter, and blush.  He told me my eyebrows looked more natural with added color from a special pencil, figure that one out!?!  It was discombobulating, yet somehow fun.  And it the end I thought, 'I'll dip my toes into these waters.  I can experiment with being a sophisticated, many-layered makeup wearing woman.  I'll just get a few items and build from there.'  But I didn't know how to choose, there were about 20 things on my face, and I had no idea which one might be most important for me.  I took a stab in the dark, selected a serum (sounds magical and powerful and perfect for a 40-something, right?), a foundation (basic and I know how to use that), and a blush (same reason, plus I got a strong reaction from the makeup folks when I told them I just blot my lipstick with my finger and then use that for cheek color).

Take a wild guess what the total for those three items was!!  You may want to sit down before I reveal the cost.  $189.88!!  Me, a person who can't be bothered with makeup except when I'm going on a gig and for the special event, spends almost 200$ on fufu makeup!  The buyer's remorse set in even before she swiped my card.  This was more than I was paid for doing henna for 6 hours on my last bride.  This was 2/3 of the price of the tablet and/or smartphone I would like to buy for my business.

But I had to follow through in that moment.  The up feeling from being pampered and sharing the experience with Sheila and Betty buoyed me along.  I didn't really dwell on it while we continued through the store and chatted and enjoyed our time together.  But walking out to the parking lot and getting in the van, I came back to my senses.  The presenter's makeup and that of the artist who took care of me in my mind's eye took on a more plastic-y, artificial appearance.  I realized, I didn't even want to look like that!  Much less pay a premium to look like that.  I'm perfectly happy being imperfect, lined, blotchy, and whatever else.  For those of you who read the Hunger Games series, I had a flash to the part of the story where the Capital City artist were making Katniss over into their image.  It's just not me.

Finally, I summoned up the courage and brought it all back.  I'll just drink more water and maybe treat myself to a facial sometime, and see about buying a blush at Target.  (Does it appall YOU that I use my excess lipstick for color?)  My minimal routine is just enough for me.  If you happen to be reading, my dear girls... Next time, can we please go to that movie instead :)?   And my advice to you, dear reader, is this:  Steer away from the makeup aisle at Macy's altogether!  That's my plan, anyway.

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