Wednesday, November 23, 2011

State Parks and Oven Fires

Today we went to Tyler State Park and walked around the lovely, still lake.  The weather was absolutely perfect for a hike; sunny, not too hot and not too cold.  The trees here are just turning colors now, and the path was strewn with pine needles and leaves and pine cones.  Leela and Clara were finding treasures, the boys were taking the lead with the dog and Emmett.  It was good to take a constitutional and see the beautiful lake and it's shores while chatting.  Last year their were turtles, but we didn't find them perched on their log this year.  It was lots of fun.

There were also many trips to the store to buy ingredients for tomorrow's huge feast.  And after dinner was made, consumed and tidied up after, we made 7 pies and a cake, and we started an oven fire. The fire was put out with calm and baking soda, but we can attest that their fire alarms are all in working order!  I don't know why I always forget to put the baking sheet in to catch the drippings!  Between oven fires and Legos spread all over their house, I think we've already done our duty to help break in their new home.

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