Saturday, November 5, 2011

My happy place...

We're sitting here at the local library, four of our six family members all here together.  Somehow it pleases me immensely to have access to this grand and airy space, all the books, the miracle of all of us enjoying computer time concurrently rather than waiting for our turn to finally arrive...  There's lots of natural light and peaceful colors, ergonomic seating and many good neighbors absorbing knowledge.  Sounds are muted and there is minimal mess for me to clean up when we're all done.  I could spend hours here, and, in fact, have.  I have visited many of the libraries in the surrounding area, and love discovering a new haunt and comparing which have the best nooks to cozy up in or which have the best Nora Roberts' selections on the shelves.  Sometimes I almost 'forget' to go home and make dinner and re-enter the realm where I am responsible for the state of the floors and every other surface, and for the technology itself.

Which leads me to why we're at the library, besides to be in our happy place.  Technology, or the lack thereof!  Something has ceased to function in my home computing setup, my suspicion is that the offending party is the router.  I shudder to even think of walking into the discount technology warehouse, that ugly, disorganized and very confusing (yet cheap!) place has the very opposite of library effect.  But suffer it I shall, so I can continue to blog daily!  The sacrifices I make for you, dear reader, honestly!

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