Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanks to henna...

Tonight I went to the movies with dear friends whom I met, thanks to henna.  I am very thankful that henna came into my life.

In henna, I found an art form I fell in love with and couldn't stop learning about and experimenting with and ultimately making a career out of.  Only with henna did I finally feel comfortable claiming the title, Artist, though I've been drawing and painting in many mediums, throwing pots, sculpting, taking photos and practicing many other art forms since I could walk and talk all the way through primary and secondary education and beyond.

And because of henna, I became part of a community that nourishes me in many ways, and has gifted me with dear friends I am blessed to know.  If you had told me even 3 years ago that I would be a working artist part of a community of artists with awesome new friends and in my niche with an art form I'm passionate about and privileged to share with people of a variety of ages and cultures, I would have thought it only a happy dream.

My dream come true in so many ways, I'm thankful for henna.

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